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Mobile Device Technology

Many companies require you to use a specific device that is usually purchased through them. Not only are you able to use any Android or Apple based smartphone, but we also support tablets for full connectivity for supervisors and managers. Our interface is clean and easy to use for all your incidents, reports and GPS tracking needs.


GPS Tracking

Always know where your officers are at any given moment, past or present. Track your officers 24 hours a day with up-to-the-minute accuracy by monitoring them from your PC, laptop or tablet. You can even go back to a specific time and date in the past to locate where the officer was at that time. View multiple officers at the same time on a property or on various routes. You can also follow a single officer throughout a shift.

Create invisible boundaries around properties with notifications when an officer has entered or left a property in a geographical area. A great tool for ensuring that officers remain on site or patrol officers are making assigned rounds.


Real Time Incident Reporting

Get immediate, detailed reports from officers when an event occurs. Pictures and GPS location maps of what happened and where it happened. Sort and search for all incidents easily with just a few clicks to define by type, date and company. Now there is no reason for lost incident information.


NFC and  QR Checkpoint Tour System

System simplifies your business by using one device to do everything from recording notes, incidents and scanning in NFC or QR tracking tokens. This removes the need for older, single purpose systems such as wands or barcodes and packages it in an easy to use all purpose system. Tour tracking is done in real time and reports are generated throughout the shift so they can be monitored . Tracking reports are digitally uploaded from the device and emailed as designated daily. Information is also stored in the case of a highly sensitive area that does not allow data coverage.


Customizable Routes & Post Instructions

Create patrol routes for officers with multiple stops providing your clients with notes, forms, incident reports and GPS tracking that can only be viewed by the individual client. Routes can be designated for a single officer, a patrol service or for a supervisor to perform responsibility checks and alarm responses.

Give officers up-to-date Post instructions, gate and alarm codes, emergency contact and important site information at the touch of a button on the device.


Automated Daily Activity Reporting

Easily track daily clock in and clock out functions for properties. Show how long an officer was on a property. Set specific times for your clients to receive daily emailed activity reports, maintenance reports, parking violations and many other forms. Relieve the stress and cost of day to day emails, faxes and scans to clients. Decide what reports go to the client and what reports are for internal use. Allow clients to view past reports and forms from the web portal. Easily sort data by officers and time/date or incident.


Graphical Data and Analysis

Our client can graphically perceive analytical information about employee performance, incidents, reports, evens ... etc. Our Customers are free to choose themselves what analysis is most vital for business, allowing to limit excessive data overflow in daily operations.

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