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Monitoring Solutions

Sky-Track offers its' clients communication and control platform based on standard Android or Apple devices, helping to monitor, report and manage their employees that are constantly on the move. It encompasses Task management, Route management, Reporting, and other outstanding features including GPS tracking, NFC or QR waypoints allowing full control of employees.

  • GPS data of activity

  • Notification if employee did not performed his task

  • Small start up cost

  • Control Your business in real time

  • Track employee Location

  • Track employee working time

  • Lone workers system

  • Scan QR, NFC tags or Beacon

  • No need to use vehicle tracking equipment

  • Multimedia: text, pictures, sms,... 

  • Real time E-mail Alerts

  • SOS Alerts

  • Automatic warnings

  • Sent instructions or tasks

  • Export to Excel and PDF file

  • Information being saved even with no GSM signal

  • Minimize use of paper documents

  • Customer may see their property

  • Supportsl major Internet browsers 

  • Free – app for Android and iOS

  • And many more

Know When and Where Your Employees are Working on


Calendar schedule planning

Man-down function


Check your schedule at any time

Low battery usage

BLE beacon support

Remote mobile setting management

Geo Fencing


SKY-TRACK is Completely Free

for 30 days.

No credit card required. No obligation. Invite as many members as you want and get a full-featured trial

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Other Features

GPS Mapping


Near real time GPS mapping provides you an accurate view of what your guards are doing and when. Infinite history playback at your service anytime.

Incident Reporting


Things happen... at Sky-Track we pride ourselves in providing you real time entry and reporting of incidents as they happen as well as notifications to interested parties.

Officer Daily Reports


Our officer daily reports are designed for easy entry for your officers and maximum visibility for your clients. Providing you a compelling way to showcase your service to your clients. Detailed logging personnel data as well as advanced notification system. 

Waypoint Scans


Using the latest in NFC technology means no more clumsy barcode scanners or wand devices, coupled with online mapping as well as on demand reporting.



Online reporting allows you and your clients to view the information that matters most in real-time. High qualiyu Photos with location positioning.

Custom Forms


Our forms allow your company to choose what data points are important to you. We provide several forms out of the box and our professional form designers are there to help if you require further customization.

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